To my knowledge, I'm the first one to make a Rail System for the Uzi. GGG makes an underneath rail but not a Rail System with rails on the bottom and both sides. This is a prototype of a Rail System that I designed for the full size Uzi. I'm in the process of doing one for the MINI Uzi as well. This one still needs to be Molycoated. I plan on sandblasting then Molycoating.

There is absolutely no play. It is very solid. The factory handguards are removed. It mounts via the rear grip screw lug and the bayonet lug.

I personally like this better than the IMI vertical grip setup that Vector sells. It seems bulky to me. With this setup, you can move the vertical grip to the position that best suits your frame. The further back the vertical grip, the more it makes your elbows tuck in and keep the muzzle down.

I ran into some issues that I did not anticipate:

  • 1. The Vector/Group guns are a little different from my IMI.
  • The IMI's have are flat area between the rear grip screw lug and the bayonet lug while the Vector/Group guns are round.
  • 2. The Vector that I looked at appears to have its bayonet lug not parallel with the bore axis. I think this may be how Vector's are as I have heard of this before.
3. Comparing to an old IMI demilled front receiver section, it appears some of the very early IMI's used a square rear grip lug rather than round. Both my IMI and my friend's Vector are round.
  • 4. Since the Vector MINI's are just chopped down full size Uzi's, I think that it may be difficult to do the MINI's.

The following is what I posted on Uzitalk click HERE for the link to the discussion.

Well here's the deal...
I think it takes too much time to make these and I don't think people would be willing to pay for it.
I think most people want to pay like $50 (I don't make Picatinny Rails and they are not cheap). My materials alone cost more than $50. I'm using up about 12" of rail for each Rail System. I'm thinking it would be at LEAST $250 maybe $260 delivered to do it IN QUANTITY. I would not even consider doing just 1 or 2.
To really ramp up to do these, we would have to make a jig of some sorts. That takes time and money too. Someone with access to better resources than I could maybe make these into a casting which would most likely be a lot cheaper.
I did my Docter Optics ready topcovers and they sell but not as good as I thought they would. I pay $50 for the NEW ratcheting topcovers.
Then include shipping for $180 delivered. Minus say $10 shipping. That's $120 to get a certified welder to weld the thing, make the mount on a Mill, drill/Tap, sandblast and parkerize. I don't know about you but $120 to do all that is DAMN CHEAP. That all takes equipment and TIME. The sandblasting is the most annoying and time consuming as that New IMI finish is tough to get off.
Now regarding the rails. The trick of course is how to mount the rails to the bayonet lug and still make it solid. Because of the dimensional differences between Vector and IMI's, I plan on relying on just the grip screw holes. My first prototype was made from aluminum which is very solid and nice but it doesn't fit my friend's Vector. To make it work for both, I plan on using a STEEL bottom rail and aluminum side rails.
There is a LOT of mill work involved. Milling of aluminum, steel and stainless steel. This is not something you can just whip up with a Dremel.
Then since they will all be machined and down to bare metal, I would sandblast and molycoat all of them.
I think I may sell some of the rails but I really don't know how much people are willing to pay. As of right now, I'm not too skeptical about the market for them.
What do you guys think?

Update 6/6/03. I also posted this on Uzitalk as well.

Bad news, I miscalculated the amount of rail that I will need for each gun in my mind. Here are the actual specs:

Left rail: 3.5" long
Right rail: 4.5" long
Bottom rail: 4.5" long

I was thinking that I could use one 12" rail per gun. That is out the window. Also since we are talking about cutting up a picatinny rail, it is inevitable that you will be wasting material everytime you cut it because of the "sections".
What further complicates this is that for increased strength, I plan on using steel for the bottom rail and aluminum for the sides.
So now I'm thinking it would be like $280 delivered. I just ordered a steel rail yesterday and should have it next week to play with. It looks like I'll be making another prototype but this time I'm going to try to make sure it is a snug fit for both IMI and Vector.
Once I am done, I will contact the manufacturers of both the aluminum and steel picatinny rails to see if I can get a break on the pricing so it may actually go down...
I'll keep you guys posted.

I got one of the new Bushmaster folding grips as I thought it would work good for a compact SMG. I had to cut it down so it would fold before the trigger guard. I still think the Knight's is more comfortable though.
In this position, it is a little more compact and you can still shoot it with it folded. I was thinking along the lines of an HK MP7.
You can also fold the grip forward which would come in handy if you wanted to position it further back and leave it longer.
I posted this one to show that with the grip folded forward that it still does not interfere with the suppressor. Suppressor was a crappy SDS can until LRM rebuilt it and made it an awesome can. I plan on writing more about this can later.