UZI Conversion Information

This is provided as informational only pertaining to LEGAL conversions of the UZI family from semi to full auto.

A very common question regarding UZI conversions is, "Who did the best conversion?". That is a hard question to answer as these guns were converted before 1986 and who knows what was done to the gun after it left the original manufacturer's hands. I use the term manufacturer because some UZI's weren't converted by a C2 but by individuals on a Form1. Billistics stands out as one company that did the most complete factory correct conversions. Buyer beware though, when Billistics went out of business there were a number of guns including UZI's that were registered by them but were converted by others. I personally almost bought such an UZI because the seller boasted it was a Billistics gun but upon inspection it only had the rail removed and NOTHING else was brought to SMG specification. So the best thing is to know what to look for. Hopefully, the information here will advise you on what to look for and you can decide what is important to you.

The 3 different UZI "versions"

Here are some details that all the SEMI's share but there are exceptions:

  • The selector bars are notched for safe and semi only. Below is a selector bar that has had the additional full auto notch ground in.

    • They have trunions that are different from an SMG trunion.
      Full Size: The trunion is a smaller diameter on the threaded end to prevent insertion of a factory SMG barrel
      MINI Carbine: The inner dimensions do not restrict installation of a SMG barrel. It is the restrictor ring that stops that. The trunion is different to an SMG in that the bottom of it is not relieved to accept the "feet" of a factory SMG OPEN bolt.
      Pistol: -- EXCEPTION -- Trunion is the same as on a factory MICRO.
    • The stocks are identical to the SMG models with the exception of the UZI Pistol having no stock. Another exception would be the POST BAN UZI's which have fixed stocks.
    • With the exception of the UZI Pistol, they all have bayonet lugs. Note that later versions of the MICRO UZI's have this bayonet lug which is more like an "accessories" lug. Again the POST BAN UZI's would be an exception as they have had their lugs removed.
    • They have provisions for mounting a sling with the exception being the UZI Pistol. The factory MICRO has a sling pin in the left front sight "ear".

    So what are the various conversion methods?

    Below is a general summary of the various methods. Each method has its on implications pertaining to each UZI model. Those implications are detailed further on the webpages for each respective model.

    UZI Model Specific Conversion Pages

    Full Size UZI